Are you locked out of your Friendswood car or home?

Even though it can be slightly embarrassing we have all locked ourselves out of our cars and homes at some point or time in their life. Many people are scared to tell someone after this has happened for fear of looking stupid, keysbut things like this are quite common. Unfortunately everyday someone is locked out of their home, car, or place of business. When it comes to homes I have heard of pets, infants, and the person themselves accidently closing a door that automatically locks when just going out to get the mail or smoke a cigarette. Some of the most extreme solutions I have seen by individuals involves broken windows. Not only does this put your property at risk it still creates a problem that you will need to pay for, and a locksmith can be a lot easier to take care of than a home or car window.

In commercial situations we have seen many reasons for a locksmith. From a disgruntled manager quitting and never returning the keys to a customer finding them on a table and taking them there are many reasons to get your locks replaced or rekeyed. We have done quite a bit of work in the restaurant industry keying beer cages, liquor storage, and high costs food items all to the same key for the management team. Whatever your reason we are here to help.

With extensive experience and knowledge in the Friendswood area. We would love to help you solve your problems today and get you back on the go.

Friendswood business and community

friendswoodFriendswood started over 100 years ago on just a dream. Over 100 years of serving the Houston area as a leader in education and experiences we love this community and are totally committed to helping local business and residents with all their locksmithing needs. Friendswood was founded by two Quakers on foundations of honesty and reliability and our company cannot help but follow through with an embodiment of the same principles. If you have something wrong we will get there fast and with an affordable rate you will be extremely satisfied with our services.

If you ever have question with our services before or after we encourage you to contact us immediately. We are very caring about the feedback and opinions of the people we serve. Without you we would be nothing and therefore your word is very important to us. Call us today or fill out a contact form and we will take care of you as fast as possible.