Choosing the Right Houston Locksmith

Finding the right Houston locksmith.

Finding the right locksmith in Houston  may not always be an easy task, but doing it right can save you some heartache and money that you wouldn’t want to waste. Over the years we have seen many locksmith scams and rings come and go. With the help of google and law enforcement awareness we have won many of these battles, but as always the tactics of the “bad guy” changes as quickly as we adapt to catch them. I thought it would be helpful to others to at least share some of the inside information we have seen over the year that can better help you spot a scam before its too late.

Unfortunately not every locksmith situation is one that you can have the luxury of a lot of time to do research beforehand. Sometimes when you are stuck in an emergency situation you don’t have time to get into the detailed research that you may do for a home improvement project. If you are in a hurry I would suggest asking them if they are licensed, and local over the phone. Get an approximate time that the locksmith will arrive. The time frame should tell you how local the business is. Make sure you are clear about your needs. Not every locksmith can cover every service and if you aren’t direct and upfront about your needs you may find yourself wasting an hour just to call another one out. Finally get an accurate online quote. Don’t let them roundabout you or give you a low-ball quote that will get hiked up later when the technician arrives.

If you are lucky enough to have more time before hand I would suggest doing some research on the companies in question. Find out if their phone numbers and business addresses actually match up. How long has the company been in business for? Are they all Licensed and insured? Does the company have any kind of money back guarantees? These are all important questions to ask yourself and maybe to the dispatch to find out If you are dealing with a legitimate company. As with the situation above make sure you are very clear about your needs on the job as there are many different types of locks and keys in the world. Make sure that the technician is aware of what your needs are before you allow them to dispatch a unit to your location.

Once the locksmith arrives it is common practice to ask them for ID or a proof of License. Most states require the locksmith to be licensed for security reasons. A locksmith is basically a legal crook who can open any door and lock. You want to make sure your Houston Locksmith is professional and licensed right away to protect you and your home. A professional locksmith should also ask you for some form of proof of ownership for the job they are performing. No licensed locksmith wants to be caught assisting someone in a criminal activity.

If you were happy with the locksmith services you received make sure to go online and review the company and maybe suggest them to a friend. These days the online feedback can help others find a reputable locksmith company when they find themselves in need. Of course you should save the number for any time you might need the services again in the future. While it may not always be obvious finding the right locksmith can be a real life saver. We can’t guarantee things will always work out for your but if you at least do your research ahead of time you have a lot better chance of protecting yourself.

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